Datsun S30 basic maintenance projects

On this page you will find some great videos that will how to do basic maintenance on your Datsun Z and make sure it runs smooth and stays healthy.

Adjusting valve lash on your Nissan L-series engine

In this great video Min shows you step by step how to adjust and set the valve lash correctly for your intake and exhaust valves. It's definitely worth making sure the valve lash is set correctly as you will lose power of it's off.

Datsun 280Z engine oil and coolant flush

This video will show you how to drain your engine oil, replace your oil filter and put fresh oil in your L24, L26 or L28. It also shows how to drain your coolant and bleed the air out when you fill it up with new coolant.

Ignition coil and ballast resistor explanation

This is one of our favourite videos as it explains two of the most misunderstood topics in the Datsun community and we think every Datsun owner should watch this video at least once. Min explains what the ballast resister in his Datsun 280Z does exactly and how you can test if it is working correctly. He also explains in detail what ignition coil you should buy for your Datsun 280Z. He even shows you how to bypass the ballast resistor in case you want to use an ignition coil with a build in resistor.