L24/L28 engine building information

Does your Nissan L24 engine need a rebuild or are you thinking about building a high horse power Datsun L28 stroker motor? Check out the resources on this page. We have put together some great videos and information that we think will help you with your engine build.

Balancing pistons for a Datsun L28 engine

In this video Jeff balances the pistons of his L28 engine. He does not remove the con rods from the pistons because that may damage the pistons but he does weigh the rings and bolts. He shows how to take notes, remove weight with a belt sander and calculate which parts should go with each other to get the best weight balance between each piston. After that he cleans the block and installs the freeze plugs. Check it out!

How to install pistons, cylinder head, and timing chain in a L28 engine for a Datsun 240Z

Kurt installs the pistons in his Datsun Z engine block making sure all the rings are in the right orientation. After that bolts to head to the block making sure all the head studs are torqued in the right sequence. Then it is time for the timing chain of course.

Budget Datsun 240Z L28 stroker build

In this video Aaron goes over his budget L28 stroker engine that he build a couple of years ago. He tells which pistons, rods and crankshaft he decided to go with and why. After that he tells you about the head and the work he did on those and his choice for the camshaft. He recently broke the 200 whp limit with this stroker motor so be sure to check out this video!

Cylinder head install with the block still in the car

We'll go through the steps of properly installing a freshly rebuilt Nissan N47 cylinder head. We'll clean the block surface, replace the head gasket, and drop the head on the block! All with the L28 block inside the car.

Nissan L28 bottom end assembly

Watch Jeff clean the bolt threads, installs the crankshaft bearings and bearing caps, measure the bearing clearances, install the crankshaft, gap the piston rings, install the piston rings and finally install the pistons in the bores.

Datsun 240Z cylinder head assembly

In this video Jeff assembles his cleaned and resurfaced bare-bones Nissan cylinder head for his L28 build. He install the camshaft, rockers, springs, retainers and valve stem seals. He also shows things don't always go according to plan when he strips the threads in the soft aluminium head.

DIY balancing jig for your connecting rods

Kurt shows you how to build a balancing jig out of wood which you can use for balancing your connecting rods. He used it to balance the rods of his 1982 Datsun 280ZX L28 engine. Balancing your conrods this way is some pretty advanced stuff but definitely worth it if you are building a performance engine for your 240Z or other car.