Meet the Team

These are the Z guys involved with Datsun PartZ. Each one has an awesome channel with a lot of great and useful content. Check out their videos and don't forget to subscribe. They deserve it!

Dirty Garage
Just a normal dude, having fun building cars and breaking them with my Wife's help. Hopefully you're here to stick around for the journey!

FINALLY Starting The Datsun Z Project | 1971 Datsun 240z Rebuild | EP. 1 Introduction

Buil On Purpose
My car passion is for the technical nitty gritty bits and pieces that make engines run better and cars handle faster, not so much body and paint. Another passion is sharing this info and experiences for the benefit of others. I like to complete as much of the work myself and I’ve been lucky enough to work on just about every car I’ve owned since the DIY bug bit back in 2001 with my first car (1981 Toyota Corona XT130). My channel features a mix of how to videos as well as a build log of my ‘71 240Z with an L28 stroker motor. I also host a podcast ‘Mod Tune Win Repeat’ available on Spotify and Apple and you can find me on Instagram.
Aaron "Neubs" Neubauer

Datsun 240Z L28 Stroker – Will the Hitachi SUs make 200rwhp? Dyno day + launch control test

Datsun 240Z L28 Stroker – 201.6rwhp on SU carbs, what’s in the build?

Datsun 240Z L28 stroker - L28 ITB EFI build setup overview

New Dimension Motorsports (NBM)
Doing what I love and bringing you along for the ride. It may not always be a smooth ride but that's what makes this fun …. I learn along the way and hopefully you can too!
My name is Nick and my passion for cars ignited with my Datsun 280z build and I’ve been hooked ever since. On the NDM channel it’s all about the car, the journey and the story!
Current builds: 1978 Datsun 280z & 1991 Volvo 240 (v8 swap)

Datsun 280z Build 2.0 [Zee Finale]

Modifying my Datsun 280z in 10 Minutes

Stewart Motoring
If you like Datsun Z cars this is the channel for you. I am rebuilding a 1975 280z from the ground up with a 1JZ VVTI heart. This is the first car I have ever built so enjoy the learning experience with me and feel free to provide helpful feedback. It is the first car I've ever built but it won't be the last. I love cars and plan to do many restorations.

Restoring the 280z Dash

Using Eastwood's Seam Sealer on the Datsun 280z

Stripping the 280z to Bare Metal + Spraying Epoxy Primer

Cars, Bikes, and Coffee
Save the cars! Restoring cars and giving them another chance. Follow along on the builds where I detail the work, build some tools, and maybe start some conversations.
I enjoy tearing down neglected, broken, and poor performing parts and making them better than brand new. Working on cars, riding bikes, and drinking coffee is there anything else?
Current Build: 1974 Datsun 260Z
Past Build: 1973 Datsun 240z


The next build reveal! 1974 Datsun 260Z EP1

How to balance pistons and connecting rods and assembly

Final assembly of the Datsun L28 engine

My name is Reinier Korth and I am the creator of this website. I don't run a Youtube channel like these other guys but I do have a 280Z restomod project going on that I share on my instagram page (@jdmreinier). I hope that you find this website useful and if you like it make sure you share it wherever you can :) Thanks!

Home Built by Jeff
I love classic cars, and I love building every aspect myself at home in my garage. Follow my Porsche 911, Datsun 240z and Alfa 105. From panel and rust repair, to paint, roll cage, sewing interiors, engine rebuilds, everything done by me, often for the first time. I will post up how to's for things that work and how not to's for things that don't.

Abandoned Datsun 240z project complete rebuild

Restoration for Beginners
Restoration for Beginners is all about taking on new challenges as a novice. When it comes to restoring your Datsun, no prior experience is necessary. Whether your next task is as small as replacing a spark plug, or as big as a frame-up restoration, you'll find detailed guides here created for beginners. Don't be afraid to show your Datsun some love!"

Datsun 280Z Ep.1 (1/2) Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z Buyer's Guide

Datsun L-Series Engine Testing and Tuning Ep.6 Clear Valve Cover!

Datsun 280Z Ep.1 (2/2) Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z Buyer's Guide

HCR - Motor Works
This Channel is dedicated to anything mechanical. Rebuilding cars, engines, machinery, machinist tools, and anything that strikes itself as a good deal at the time could end up on here.
At the Job Shop Channel sometimes we do Jobs in the Shop, and sometimes the Shop is the Job!

Undercoating Removal - 1978 Datsun 280z

Datsun 280z Rusted Rear Quarter Replacement